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Wait wait … we know what you are thinking……
“I am Groot” – ooh just another browser.
If you hadn’t seen the video above please do. Maybe it will help.


A very short introduction.

We asked our designers “Why you put so much stuff? Wasn’t the idea all to be clear?”.

From all the mumbo-jumbo (4 hours later…) we did get the idea that most of the websites are really not using all of the screen space anyway so why not put something useful there. (Reference: cnn.com, techcrunch.com, engadget.com and etc.).

After we were convinced that we have to go this way.

We said: “Why so trekkie?”

Well…… that turned out to be us, we are all fans of Star Trek, Marvel and etc. and we should do something that is a space like otherwise why bother.

Never the less it turned out far more than just futuristic. We reached a level of clarity we did not expect.

For Humans

What is the difference?

It’s all about information delivery.

Our development as a species is tightly connected to the tools we use to gather, process and share information.

More effective information delivery means faster and faster results.

All the browsers today cannot use the super powerful hardware you put in your machine very effectively. Which limits the possibilities to represent information in more useful and comprehensive way.

And if the information representation tools stay the same we stay the same.

Our Vision

  • We want to build information visualization system that is compatible with the current web and be able to extend it to new levels of software and hardware integration.
  • We want a system that will be able to deliver huge amount of information in a far more comprehensive and easy to use way.
  • A system that can learn from you and evolve with your understanding of the world around you.


How it is supposed to search for me? Isn’t that too far ahead in the future?

The Hydrogen Browser learns from you, analyzes how you are using it. On this particular basis it is able to suggest new ways of finding and organizing information which does not mean that Hydrogen Browser is something like Big Brother. It means that you can control and manage the perpetual searches and exactly what to observe. It can search the web 24/7 for new information based on your criteria.

The UI

Completely new experience

We’ve decided to create a completely new experience for you. The web evolves and the browser should evolve with it.

Live Tiles

Live Tiles are your new way to navigate trough the opened browsers. You can change the active web browser by just clicking on it.

The image inside the tile is always  live so if you have opened video or something interesting happens in the browser window you will see it immediately.

Advanced search

As we want to do our information exchange faster and faster it makes sense to be able to search in more then one place without changing the current browser window. So we integrated the second search which is always there on the right.

When you define perpetual searches the notifications for new content will be visualized this section too.

Favorites & History

So far Favorites was a somewhat side functionality of a browser and never organized very well.

So we decided to change that.

Favorites in Hydrogen Browser  are always represented with large image snapshot of the site as you decide to make it a favorite so it will look exactly how you see it at the moment.

We combined Favorites and History into to the same window as they have very similar use and functionality.

Browser controls

Organized the browser controls in a easy and comprehensive way so it is clear that it affect the browser window.

You can refresh, add to favorites, resize the browser window to full width or close the browser window.

Browser settings and main navigation

The main navigation is simple and intuitive.

In settings you can setup the home page  and new window default page address.

Very easy access to your downloads.

A bit more about Favorites

The favorites in Hydrogen Browser  are always represented with large image snapshot of the site as you decide to make it  so it will look exactly how you see it at the moment.

Favorites search is full of features and is very easy to use.

You have filters which include sort favorites by topic, date, domain, color tag, text tag and a function that is showing you how many times you have visited the link.

The search in Favorites section is awesome. It gives you the opportunity to search not only by title or domain name, but the full text of the webpage as well.

When you add the favorite the browser gets the whole text from the webpage and writes it together with the favorite.

So if you are looking for something in your Favorites but you cannot remember where it was or what was the name of the website, now you have an easy way to find it .

Email Client

The integrated email client is secure, protects your correspondence from unauthorized access and as any other system in the web browser that collects information the AI can help you find and organize information.

When you browse a website you can immediately see all the correspondence with this domain and many other features to filter and locate information.


Integrated messenger keeps you connected with your love once, friends and business contacts.

Here are some of the features you will love.

  • The integrated possibility to split the contacts into different groups and set online statuses to different groups lets you controls who sees what.
  • The messenger supports multiple accounts so you can integrate your home and your business account into one place without switching anything.
  • Separate download folders for each chat and chat group give you far better document and files management.


Calendar is an intricate part of the whole system it can remind and keep track of important events.

You can sync the calendar between all your devices.

As Calendar has multiple manager support you can give permissions to other people to manage your calendar for you.

Task manager

It’s only fitting to have a task manager too. The task manager syncs all your task to all your devices.

We will keep you updated as we uncover more and more features of the whole system.

For Businesses

Why should you care?

Context search give us the possibility to build far more intelligent systems as the system have information of what and how you gather information. All the information is anonymized on its way out so the anonymity is preserved in all cases.

The browser is aware what your interests are and help you find and manage information.

The importance for your business are really significant because you can create marketing campaign that can achieve  tremendously better results as it reaches audience that really care about your product.

Better results means less money spent.

The web browser integrate all your infrastructure into one system – website, mobile apps, marketing campaign, client support and messaging all in one box.

For Developers

Hydrogen Browser brief developer extensions features list (with API support)

  • Integrated audio/video streaming server.

  • Integrated support for NodeJS modules loaded on the client system.

  • Internal permission & security subsystem.

  • Direct NodeJS hardware access trough API.

  • Content layers support which can be used to visualize far more sophisticated content with true (DirectX 11-12 support / OpenGL 4.x support) 3D support.

  • Chrome based.

  • Second search API support.

  • Advanced favorites.

  • Per domain/subdomain NOSQL database on the client machine.

  • Deep learning subsystem.

  • Network packet sniffer directly integrated to your network driver supporting ( Ethernet + VLAN tagging (802.1Q), ARP, IPv4, IPv6, GRE, ICMP, IGMP, UDP, TCP, DNS, HTTP ).

  • SSH client.

  • JSON Viewer/Editor + Request tester.

  • Chrome developer tools.

  • Peer to Peer with DHT support subsystem.

  • SNMP server monitoring.

  • Encrypted virtual store drives accessible trough API.

  • SVN manager.

  • GIT Manager.

  • FTP Manager.

Support Us

Help us spread the word.

Get involved by donation.

Thank you for all the help creating this amazing tool.

About Us

Who we are is a function of what we stand for.

So the real question here is what we stand for?

  • We stand for the real innovation not enhancement.

  • We stand for software and hardware being the glue which makes all thing work better and enhance us as a species.

  • We stand for pushing the limits of know and possible.

What happened to the real innovation?

Most of the new apps, new services, now days advertise themselves like amazing innovation.

Let’s look at the dictionary meaning of innovation versus enhancement:

  • Innovation: something new or different introduced
  • Enhancement: To improve or augment, especially in effectiveness, value, or attractiveness

So what is really happening?

Obviously enhancement is the word describing better what is going on right now. It is not bad by any means but it is not innovation.

Innovation for us is going beyond the limits of the current.

Innovation and ingenuity is what took us so far.

Can software change the world?

It is doing it every day inconspicuously behind the scenes. Remember how you used your mobile phone 10 years ago. Not much more than an extension of the land line.

Now you have a powerhouse in your own pocket. You can connect to people send and receive images and video in just couple touches and much more. All this by the power of software.

So it does change the world if we want or not.

The only thing we should be very careful is what we are using this power for.

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